• imac
    "The combination of two vitally important
    factors: tumor necrosis factor and Thymozin
    can lead to the results of the treatment that
    we can only wish for"
    RESHETOV Igor Vladimirovich
    / Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
    Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department of Oncology and
    Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of the Federal State Budgetary Institution
    "Institution of Further Training of Russia’s Federal Medical-Biological Agency" /
  • imac
    "The essential characteristic of the medication
    is that it can be used not only in combination
    with chemotherapy,but in monotherapy as well
    as a medication of direct antineoplastic action"
    CHILINGARYANZ Sergei Georgievich
    / Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences,
    Professor, surgeon of a highest qualification grade,
    a Senior Research Scientist of the department of tumors of the respiratory
    organs of the Institute of Cancer Research RNIONI /
  • imac
    "Refnot is the basic therapy in the treatment
    and rehabilitation of oncology patients"
    STRUNKIN Dmitrii Nikilaevich
    / Candidate of Medical Sciences, a member
    of the Association Of Oncologists of the Russian Federation,
    mammologist /

REFNOT® - a medicament of direct antineoplastic action

About the drug

REFNOT has direct antitumor effect in vitro and in vivo on the different lines of tumor cells. The specter of cytotoxic and cytostatic effect on the tumor cells…



Antitumor and immunomodulating agent. The REFNOT mechanism of antineoplastic action in vivo includes several ways, by which the product destroys the tumor…


Dosage scheme

Recommendations and dosage scheme of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Thymosine alpha 1 recombinant (Refnot). First day…


The world’s only recombinant Thymosin alpha-1
Tumor Necrosis Factor drug!

Having a low systemic toxicity,
the drug has the antineoplastic range and the potency of a natural TNF,
and has powerful immounostimulatory properties.