The XII Nationwide Scientific and Practical Conference titled “Domestic Antitumor Products” took place in Moscow on 31.03-01.04 2015 in Russian Nikolai Blokhin Cancer Research Center.

A symposium was held as part of the conference, dedicated to the research and application results of Refnot medical product (recombinant fused protein of tumor necrosis factor and thymosine-alpha1)

The following leading Russian scientists and physicianspreseted their reports on the conference:
A.V. Reshetnikov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow):
Medical and sociological evaluation of domestic cytokines application in oncological practice in the modern economical conditions
Z.G. Kadagidze, E.G. Slavina, A. I. Chertkova. M. E. Abramov (Moscow):
Refnot – new original domestic immunomodulator in clinical oncology. The results of clinical and immunological studies. Achievements and prospects.
L.U. Vladimirova (Rostov-on-Don):
The use of Refnot (fused protein of tumor necrosis factor and thymosine alpha1) in neoajuvant chemotherapy of breast cancer
E.V. Stepanova (Moscow):
The study of new Refnot mechanisms of action in oncology patients. The effect of Refnot on angiogenesis
T.F. Malivanova (Moscow):
Gene polymorphism of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and breast cancer
The theses of the reports are published in the conference proceedings

Date: 31.03-01.04 2015

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